The No-TossUps Electoral College Advantage-Biden-Continues(?)!

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    Anyone notices that the only person who actually got the Stimulus Package right was Vice President Biden, of the "shovel-ready" jobs assessment. Great Socialist Market economy, China, knows about shovel-ready jobs. Great Socialist Market economies, Canada and Australia, know about shovel-ready jobs. Great Socialist Western Europe, (and now Eastern Europe may eventually find out): Knows about shovel-ready jobs. Persia likely knows about shovel-ready jobs. Spain could discover even Shovel Ready jobs, and Italy could learn how to keeps its hands to itself(?)!

    And so the economy seems likely in the United States to model more after China than after Ronald Reagan. The so-called, "Reagan-Revolution" took what deficit there was, and spent it on the already prospererous, defense contracting profiteers and engineers. Then there was what the Ivy League did, on behalf of the government employed!

    The Electoral College "No-TossUps" map at RealClearPolitics itself: Even looks decidedly Blue Collar, and not entirely Redneck, so far(?)

    RealClearPolitics - 2012 Election Maps - Electoral Map No Toss Ups

    Anyone otherwise would wonder how they do that(?). . . .or even why(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Another famous actor, Sean Penn, went down to Haiti--even--and wondered why it wasn't working, either(?)! George Bush I, Term I is likely wondering about it all, himself--and Mrs. . . . .and even the offspring(?), are likely wondering!)

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