The newspaper business is booming!

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    Ten years from now, if newspapers do what I outline below, publishers and presidents of newspapers all over the country will be shouting this everywhere they go.


    This is why:

    I present to you: The flexible electronic newspaper.


    Want your morning paper on the way to work? No problem. Download it for 25 cents. Takes just seconds and you'll have the entire day's news in front of you. Printing costs for newspapers? Zero. Zip. Zilch. Absolutely nothing. Want regular updates on the news throughout the day? No problem. 15 cents. You'll make $200,000 a day if you reach half a million people. And that's just from daily purchases. Sunday Edition is double. Want a monthly subscription? $5, including Sunday. Advertiser will flock to newspapers to get their animated display that you can click on immediately - AND purchase products right from their websites.

    Want to download The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Tokyo Times, and Jerusalem Post? No problem. With your flexible display, not only can you download your local news, but you can also download text books, novels, magazines and so on.

    Today's Kindle is tomorrow's e-ink.

    THIS is the future of newspapers because newspapers ELIMINATE their biggest cost: PRINTING.
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