The Neurobiology Of Political Affiliation

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    [The Bible tells us that every time the ancient Hebrews began cobbling up golden images of Baal or some other pagan god for worship, a conqueror from a foreign land would materialize and carry them off into captivity until they repented of their idolatry and returned to worshiping their one true God. Perhaps that's what's in store for the United States, today, although the current version of Islam is a lot more onerous and detestable than anything the Persians, the Assyrians, or the Medes could ever have inflicted on the Hebrews and a few generations spent groaning under Islam's murderous yoke of servitude probably wouldn't do a heck of a lot towards restoring Americans innate desire for independence, self reliance and personal liberty. Beheaded males and females in concubines offer little threat to the authority of Muslim Imams issuing Fatwahs
    Amazing what a nation suckling on an on alprazalalazam milk yielding teat for years will vote into office.]

    "A lot of writers try to answer this in a positive uplifting fashion, and this is where they go wrong. They try to extol the virtues of Conservatism, the value of Liberty, and the societal strength which arises when men interact freely, and bear the responsibility for their decisions. Some try to use a Darwinian perspective to argue that society self-assembles exceedingly well when bad decisions have consequences, and less healthy enterprises are allowed to fail, to make way for more successful iterations.

    Of course none of that is really accurate, at least when answering the question which was asked. When I enter a voting booth, I’m not thinking of any of that. I’m thinking, if Republicans win, we may stall the collapse, but if Liberals win, our whole nation is royally screwed. I”m not seeing Conservatives holding hands, and skipping down meandering paths paved with gold bricks, toward a mythical city of Liberty. I’m seeing some conglomeration of Lord of the Flies, and Mad Max, mixed with Aurini’s new post-apocalyptic novel, threatening to become reality, if Liberals get a hold on the levers of power.

    I’m seeing old relatives in broken down hospitals, being told they aren’t going to get treatments they need to survive, because they cost too much, and they don’t have that much time left anyway before they die, so why bother? I’m seeing a radical currency devaluation which stops all long range economic interactions only allowing for short range, local, barters and trades. I’m seeing bread lines, flash mob riots, and the savages coming to the suburbs, because the currency on their EBT cards is worthless, and they can’t get food any way other than raiding. I’m seeing Armageddon, unless a Republican wins.

    This is crucial for idiots like Karl Rove to understand, before he goes wasting hundreds of millions of dollars. I don’t vote because I like Conservatism, or I believe in Republicans. I vote to keep the savages at bay, and their jackass minions in the Democratic Party out of power. The only reason I vote Republican is because their agenda destroys the nation at a much slower rate than that of their opponent.

    In fact, let me put this so simply even an idiot like Karl Rove can understand. No matter what you do, you can’t make me like Republican politicos, or the party, AND I’M A REPUBLICAN! I voted for your guy, and yet, there is nothing you can do which will make me like you. Think about that. Most all of you make me sick, and the world you inhabit disgusts me. Bear in mind, a loathing of government, and a disgust with most of those who seek governmental power is a natural part of a Conservative psychology. We don’t like government, or people who seek power attained through selfish social maneuvering. It’s in our programming, and an inherent part of our ideology and philosophy.

    I'm not trudging off to the voting booth to support our wonderful Republican leaders. I vote because I know Liberalism is death, for our nation, our freedoms and even our citizens, especially now with Obamacare.

    Why is this all important? That motivation in me, which drives me to the polls, and makes me vote, is the “Aversive Stimulus” of amygdala activity, and it is what is driving my behavior. The only way that stimulus emerges is by attaching negativity to the Democratic brand, in my brain, so I am motivated to take action to stop Democrats from obtaining power. Nice, uplifting storybook political commercials about yourselves won’t do it. Extolling the value of liberty, the need for better healthcare options, or the virtues of any of the Republican issue positions won’t do it either, unless you contrast it with how bad the Democratic option is, to develop amygdala pathways, and attach aversive stimulus to the Democrat option.

    Aversive stimulus is what drives me to the polls, and it seems like that is what does it every time. It is what turns out your vote. Now the only way that aversive stimulus gets implanted in people’s brains is if we fight, and amygdala up every Liberal, at every opportunity, in the most public way possible. Amygdala development has been shown in MRI analysis to be a critical difference in political disposition. Develop the amygdala, increase it’s volume, and you increase Conservative predisposition, by associating unwise/stupid Liberal behavior, with the aversive stimuli of the bad consequences it will produce. The only way amygdala volume can be increased, is through exercising the populace’s amygdalae, by exposing them to aversive stimuli, in association with Liberal concepts. Even Liberal John Jost has shown, expose an individual to negative or threatening stimuli (in the case of his research, mortal salience stimuli), an they will show a shift towards a Conservative ideology across all measures of ideology. Yes, a well respected researcher has shown simply exposing people to a stimuli can change their ideology, making them more Conservative.

    In short, Republicans need to publicly assail Liberals at every turn, stimulate the populace’s amygdalae, and be less nice, not more nice. We need people hearing the word Liberal, and feeling a visceral revulsion at all the stupidity, the weakness and pathiety, and all of the negative consequences and suffering the ideology will bring.

    That’s what motivates us to vote Republican, and it is what will motivate everyone else, if our leaders will approach the public debate in the right fashion, as a neurological battle that must be fought technically, by a unified force of Republicans opposed to Liberalism."

    Why am I a Conservative? (On the Neurobiology of Political Affiliation – and its Implications for Political Strategy) |

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