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    Say it in as many ways as possible until you get it right has been my message-posting manner on those subjects I find most important; absolute real property Rights; repeal the XVI & XVII Amendments; identify the parasite class in order to dismantle the welfare state; the destruction of Socialism/Communism’s ideology; withdraw from the United Nations; stop global government, and, most importantly, if it ain’t clearly enumerated in the Constitution the government can’t do it. I have a few more, but the ones I listed are the big ones.

    Lest anyone accuse me of engaging in a buckshot approach to commenting on society’s ills as I see them let me point out the symbiotic relationship connecting every item on my hit list. They are all so politically interdependent in a negative sense none can stand should one fall. Note the distinction between destructive political interdependence and the necessary interdependence that binds civilized humankind and institutions in free societies.

    When Hussein said:

    he was saying that nothing can be done if the government does not do it first. Hussein’s message to the faithful: First and foremost everyone is politically interdependent according to his interpretation of how society should work. I’m surprised he did not use a Burning Bush as a prop when he said it.

    No one should be surprised that a Communist thinks that way. Politically interdependent and limited government will always be incompatible. Hussein’s view is as natural to him as is breathing to the rest of us, and he came by it honestly as his youth and lifelong associations show. There is not a chance he could ever see that his ideology is perverse, or that he has his facts ass-backwards. I’ll use his “. . . roads and bridges.” to make my case.

    Go back thousands of years and you’ll see that the first roads were footpaths. Next came trade routes traveled by wagons, horses, camels, mules, elephants, etc. The government did not build those early roads —— they evolved. The government sure as hell did not build roads across oceans yet free men traveled anyway.

    At some point in history rulers and government officials IMPROVED existing roads and bridges to facilitate commerce, and to get a piece of the action. I won’t bet on which one provided the stronger motivation. Bottom line: Governments built new roads and improved existing roads to accommodate the automobile not the other way around. Thankfully, Hussein did not openly take credit for building the automobile industry —— clearly, that was a part of his message.

    It’s easy to trace the evolution of Hussein’s theory of political interdependence which is just another way of saying the theory of Communism. I admit he does not see it as a theory. His belief in Communism goes far beyond the theory stage. Everything he stands for, everything he says and does, glorifies Communism as though the theory is a workable universal truth. Barry Farber offers a nice disclaimer:

    Finally, Barry Farber’s piece covers the topic of Communism’s acceptance by so many Americans:

    Obama's mainstreaming of Marxism
    Exclusive: Barry Farber recalls when any link to Communism was death knell for a pol
    Published: 14 hours ago

    Obama’s mainstreaming of Marxism

    I want to single out Hussein’s most insidious contribution to Communism’s evolution in a free society. By transforming community organizing into a worthwhile government-funded endeavor Hussein codified a working model for implementing every Communist objective. That ain’t theory. That’s fact, and it was done with a lot of help from the media.

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