The Israel lobby IS far TOO powerful.

Discussion in 'Israel and Palestine' started by Working Man, Apr 22, 2006.

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    One would think that the people who run this message board, the ones who have the US flag, and the Constitution of the US in its banner, would be the ones who protect all points of view. Including those of two professors who have taken the dangerous plunge into writing about the ultimate taboo,, the almighty Jewish Lobby in Washington, D.C..

    "In this paper, John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago's Department of Political Science and Stephen M.Walt of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government contend that the centerpiece of U.S. Middle East policy is its intimate relationship with Israel."

    (( Highlight "intimate relationship with Israel",, my spin on this::: "The Lobby" has got the Congress bent over a chair and is having its way with the members, at will, and with consent)) :dev2:

    I understand that the two fear for their lives as the Jewish Lobby hunts them (in terms of destroying careers) down as though they, the professors (US citizens, who thought they were protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution) were members of the Nazi Regime.

    Although I have not read the entire document, but plan on doing so, I have seen enough of it to say,, so what is new?? All of what they have said, at least what I have read, was part of that US Congressional Report that I asked assistance from YOU beauties in locating. In that report, many of the issues that the two men wrote about can be found as fact,,, if you grant that the government's document was evidently paid for with US taxpayers dollars, and printed up, and stored in, a US governmental agency. That being The Congressional Library.

    OK, so what ever. I would expect anyone who is critical of Israel, or the Jews who make up THE MOST POWERFUL lobbying group,,, aka The Jewish Lobby, would be viciously attacked by that same lobby. Since they are, everything seems pretty normal. But, that doesn't make it right.

    John J. Mearsheimer, and Stephen Walt are true heroes!
    Their courage is far beyond mine, and perhaps many who post their words of wit on this message forum, and who hide in their anonymous state. Protected by their "username" and firewalls. Mearsheimer and Walt exposed themselves as true warriors and put their "packages" on the table. Real men do things like this. That is why they are leaders, and not followers. Colin Powell showed a smidgeon of this "right stuff".. George Bush, the senior did too.

    If you people think you are so smart, here is another challenge for you. Go back to 1992, even 1990. Research the voter approval from the beginning of the 1990, into 1991 with GW senior. Then check out the media reporting to see if it was consistent with the polls. As you approach the summer of 1992, check out the archives for the meetings held by AIPAC, and the Jewish Democratic Convention. Stuart Eisenstat was the leader of the group at the time; see what his remarks were when he had his arm around that senior Democrat HOSEBAG from Texas, Ann Richards. Then,, when you personally witness this information, you come back and tell me that the two professors were wrong.

    The reason I make these challenges is so that the skeptics can see for themselves, after checking the FACTS, that on some issues I am probably more correct than not.

    PS.. I wasn't going to bother posting on this board until after the November elections. But, this story is way too important to ignore, or let get shoved under the carpet.

    I have little doubt that the Republicans are going to get their asses handed to them. And at that time I will regretfully have to tell you that I TOLD YOU SO!!
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