The Honorable Soldiers to save one country

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    I was so impressed by one article with photo about Soldiers. Maybe, Do you know Korean War broke in 25th June 1951 by North Korea's invasion. A lot of counries participated in that war and fought with Chinese Reds & North Korean Army. What I read is about 4 soldiers' story (England, Australia, Canada, New zealand). 100 War Veterans and Korean Soldiers visit the battle field in 60 years and they met fellow soldiers buried in there. Korea Government holds various commemorative events with inviting abroad War Veterans. In this year, They will hold the event in honor of Imjin river & Gapyeong battle- Both are very important military merit in Korean War. this time, British War deads were found a few days ago. their dedication also be honored by many koreans. "Thank you all soldiers for saving our country and saving us. We don't forget you all forever" I think, Korean can keep the peace thanks to their efforts.

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