The Green Agenda

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    A must read...........outstanding links. Very sobering indeed. You talk about a strategic plan? This shit is brilliant.................

    The intro...................


    In the last week of April 2012, via the likes of Professor Paul Ehrlich(1) and
    The Royal Society(2) in The Guardian newspaper, Malthusian(3) collectivist
    elites began to more openly show their true anti-free-human ‘common
    purpose’: the end of national economic freedom and sovereignty,
    decimation of population numbers to a fraction of present levels, and the
    strict draconian control of those who remain. In that same week, THE
    GREEN AGENDA (, one of the best
    websites on the internet that had been helping to expose such disturbing
    plans for many years (by citing elites' own words) disappeared from some
    web browsers.
    The information on The Green Agenda website is so important that it is
    therefore reproduced here and available for download as a pdf at:
    The-Green-Agenda PDF DOWNLOAD | Sovereign Independent UK
    In case the original Green Agenda weblinks in the text no-longer work,
    references have been added in square brackets and original web-pages are
    set out in sections pertaining to the original homepage index/contents list.​

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