The Fallacy of ‘Openness and Tolerance’

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    The left should practice what they preach, but they don't and that's the problem. Education needs to be overhauled from K to 26...

    April 18, 2017
    The Fallacy of ‘Openness and Tolerance’
    By Paul Pauker


    Ultimately, progressives and liberals claim that the values of openness and tolerance are essential to free societies. But this claim is false, unless "free society" is redefined to mean free for foreigners to enter the society (specifically, the nation). In reality, a nation can be closed to foreigners (completely or partially) and still be free so long as the nation secures the unalienable rights of its own citizens, including the freedom of its own citizens to leave the nation. Unalienable rights are natural rights, and there is a duty to secure the natural rights of a foreigner only if a nation has permitted that foreigner to enter the nation. Nevertheless, under natural law (upon which the United States was founded), a nation does not have a duty to grant a foreigner permission to stay in the nation indefinitely; likewise, a nation does not have a duty to grant a foreigner permission to enter the nation in the first place.

    Moreover, progressives and liberals are not tolerant of people they oppose; Democratic politicians, the media, the entertainment industry, and the universities are constantly vilifying and condemning those who hold opposing positions on not only Islam and immigration but also climate change, affirmative action, gun control, abortion, gay marriage, "gender identity," and other issues. And this vilification and condemnation includes a nonstop effort to label any criticism of these issues (Islam, immigration, et cetera) as hate speech. In short, tolerance is not a value that progressives and liberals actually practice; the word "tolerance" is a weapon used to silence conservatives.


    Leftists, including Western leaders, are so extreme that many refuse to even mention Islam when discussing terrorist attacks committed in the name of Islam by Islamic groups, or severe injustices committed in the name of Islam by Islamic governments, despite the fact that support for such actions can be found in the Koran.

    How will history judge this reckless behavior? It has often been said that civilizations are destroyed not by outside enemies, but from within. A clear rejection by enough people in the United States, and the West in general, of both "openness" and "tolerance" (as defined by the progressives left) would go a long way toward preventing that fate.

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