The Democrats' Quandary

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    Democratic Suicide
    By Victor Hanson for National Review
    May 6, 2005

    When will the Dems start winning again? When they start living and speaking like normal folks.

    We are in unsure times amid a controversial war. Yet the American people are not swayed by the universities, the major networks, the New York Times, Hollywood, the major foundations, and NPR. All these bastions of doctrinaire liberal thinking have done their best to convince America that George W. Bush, captive to right-wing nuts and Christian fanatics, is leading the country into an abyss. In fact, a close look at a map of red/blue counties nationwide suggests that the Democrats are in deepening trouble.

    Why? In a word, Democratic ideology and rhetoric have not evolved from the 1960s, although the vast majority of Americans has--and an astute Republican leadership knows it.

    --Class Warfare
    --Social Security issue
    --National Defense
    --Will they ever learn?

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