The debate is starting.

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    This debate was on foreign affairs, mccains strongest issue, ane I don't sense that he scored any points with anyone I talked to.

    That's because Obama is right. Right about not going into iraq, right it wasn't being managed properly, and right that mccain provide cover for bush all these yrs. Sure he made an admission that it hasn't been managed properly, but didn't do shit to put us on the right course.

    So I can't wait for biden palin.

    And Obama mccain on the economy should be good.

    Ps, I want to make sur this comes out. The gop took out a law that said banks had to keep enough money on hand for this such emergency. Almost as if they did it knowing the government would bail them out. The ceo's walked away with millions, so they didn't care. In other words, they bled their companies dry on purpose.

    Now they consolidated power into fewer hands. Socialize the losses and privatize the profits. Look at blackwater and haloburton.
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