The Dangers of Unsated Consumer Democracy

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    In the post World War 1 era, traditional society collapsed in an invisible sort of way. The way people thought and made decisions started to change to the frustration of the older generation that simply did not 'get it'.

    Advertising shifted from trying to use reason to convince and became a veiled seduction, convincing people to buy things that they did not need but wanted by having had their desires provoked. So women have been told for the last century that in order to be accepted she had to act like a man, in so many words, from wearing pants to smoking cigarettes to having her hair cut short. Men have been told repeatedly that if they just buy some product these mannishwomen would be attracted to them and jump into bed, lol. 'Wow, you've got a brand new Cadilac...please, fuck me now!' It seems absurd but the results shows it works at least to sell cars.

    After world war 2 the leaders of our society decided that independent people could not be trusted. And to control the new massive populations of urban people, the corporate establishment, with the blessing of the government, began to turn citizens into consuming cash cows kept docile by having their whetted appetites sated with consumer products.

    And the corporate leaders developed a very healthy contempt for the common man who had betrayed them in the FDR decade following the Great Depression. But as long as people can buy things they are happy and of no threat to anyone.

    BUT...what happens when the consumer cannot consume what he desires thanks to advertising? What then?

    Some say we have a frustrated herd who moves in a managable way, but I am sceptical.

    As people are increasingly discouraged from thinking critically, and instead thinking in emotional terms only, they become more capable of violence when the consumer products are taken away.

    So what happensif the next Stock market crash completely wipes out everyones ability to buy those little consumables except for the blue blooded elite?

    Do TPTB have any idea how bad this can get?
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