The Cat Walked Across the Keyboard

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    The Cat Walked Across the Keyboard

    We are clearest in the present.
    Our lover’s face fades into rare beauty.
    Our thoughtless acts to contrition.
    Our cruelties travel the coarse road to justification .
    The diminishing doppler of an hours hence,
    the protracted rhythm of acts repeated over and over in new worlds run by days beset by hunting , foraging, boredom or decay.
    forge the present : make it so!

    Our experiences are us
    and then are you in my world view .
    I can’t see you except as something I have seen before.
    That’s why God is my Father.
    Not my cousin or my pet.
    But understand ye not so blessed!
    He is all of us carried to an end time when He is what we have made of Him. ...and then in His infinite and infallible wisdom
    He creates us. ​

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