The Bush Decision: Every 36 Hours An Active Duty Member Committed Suicide!

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    Restoring a semblance of sanity to the U. S. Elections, Senator Murkowski appears to have won an impressive write-in campaign for the U. S. Senate. Reminding everyone of the GOP/Conservative/Tea Party insanity, The former President, Prince of It All, published a book!

    Some Gold Star mom's aren't buying it!

    For slain soldier's mom, Bush's book reopens old wounds -

    George Bush is quoted as joking about crawling under his desk, looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction! So Gold Star mom's are in fact willing to suggest that the former President disappear again into the shadow-world, from which the Conservative Tea Party arises.

    The objective is to keep the former President, off of the stage at the stand-up comedy night clubs of the Tea Party GOP, in the USA.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Just possibly Senator Murkowski is a friend the former Chairman of Senate Banking and Finance! Anyone can believe that Sarah Palin is no Pete Domenici, or Senator Reid, or Senator Obama(?), of the United States, of the North America! The Motor Car Making Collective, in fact, is on the brink of a major IPO! Senator Domenici is suggesting a Payroll Tax Holiday for a year: To end the Recession. That is not on the Tea Party agenda!)
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