The aftermath of the killings in Newton , CT

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Working Man, Dec 16, 2012.

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    I see darker times coming for Republicans. I believe that people like the Rev Gary Hall will help split the party up even more. He is in favor of stricter gun controls and is mobilizing to make it happen. Not your norm in the "conservative" flock.

    So, you have moderates looking to side with the left in order to keep from being associated with the "gun nuts". I think that any Republican who did so would set a bad example for the party.

    If you scan through CT's statutes, the shooters mother was at fault for allowing her son to be able to access the weapons. It is unfortunate that she was killed, and it is ironic to say the least. But, CT law says that "Unlawful storage of firearms is punishable by fine and imprisonment." I looked it up to today.

    Looking at it from a broader view, society failed and the shooter's actions can probably be linked to what has happened around the country recently. I guess most of these deranged individuals who shoot up innocent people are the result of the media coverage that goes non stop in reporting the bad and ugly. It is almost like the media is setting the bar for the wackos to compete for.

    CBS, on a daily basis, is probably up to 75 percent of programs containing violence. I think Bob Schieffer has caved in to the left's arms, yet doesn't acknowledge what his company does on a daily basis is just as bad for society as a whole. Today's relentless badgering of the guests to agree with his new?? pro control on firearms is revealing. I would have expected him to take the high road and report the news, and not sway the argument.

    Anyhow, I too am saddened that people lost their lives due to some asshole punk, but I am worried that the price to be paid will land on a lot of other innocent laps too.

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