The 10 Commandments in Thelemic Law

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    The matters of my existence exist purely in the spiritual and religious realm; therefore, my fevent studies of religious texts spanning the entire history of humanity has led me to one important quandry. The religion of thelema started by Aleister Crowley declares that "sin" is defined by "restriction", and to " do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law; Love is the law, love under will. " There encounters a problem when a murderous, war-mongering man converts to this religion: if a man genuinely loves warring and murdering his fellow man, and it would be a sin to restrict his will, how do the children of Crowley account for this ethical dillemma. Aleister Crowley himself was ambiguous on the matter, and has been forever linked to ritualistic murder. Is the idea that "sin is restriction" detrimental to the fabric of society without a form of regulation? In my humble opinion, this declaration empowers one's lesser, primal natures to take hold of a man. When I first discovered the secret writings of the thelemic law, I felt empowered to do as I wilt even if what I wanted was not beneficial to humanity as a whole. While the idea as love as the highest law is appealing, love itself cannot function as the only law because it is not a powerful enough force to maintain the inner workings of a civilized society. Ultimately, we can please the graces of the God of the bible while allowing for freedom of our natures by integrating the 10 commandments within a thelemic motif. If the Lord of Abraham, known originally as Shaddai, is indeed the leader and determiner of mankind's fate, I personally would like to live in his graces while living to the fullest extent of my being. A thelemite who incorporates the 10 commanments within his principles would be banned from murdering his fellow man out of bloodlust, coveting his neighbor's wife and possessions out of jealously, and idolizing other gods because God is 1.

    The main commandment which I believe is misconstrued in modern civilization is the 7th. Many practitioners of the common faiths believe marriage is defined by being between one man and one woman, but men of the bible often had a multitude of wives. A real interpretation of the 7th commandment should be that if a man and woman commit through vows to pure monogamy then they are required to maintain those vows; however, if no holy oath is made, a man and a woman have a right to group sex and multiple sexual partners. The conservative nature of the sexual conversation in America is laughable because of the lack of innovation regarding thought on this subject. Furthermore, for a majority of man's history men of older age were married to women much younger than 18. God himself approves of this behavior yet it is against the law to engage a girl of pubic age sexually because of age requirements, how does this make sense? When it comes to the topic of sex, a thelemic understanding of man's ferocious sexual nature can be applied to the 7th commandment. If Love is the law, sex should be encouraged as a form of exercise and stress relief as early as the pubic age begins as long as it is practiced safely. Furthermore, there is no reason for there not to be orgies in the streets of American cities. I believe a freedom of sexuality in America's mainstream culture would result in less mental frustration and jealously; however, this purely mainstream hip-hop mentality of endorsing "stealing yo girl" must be haulted. Coveting a girl who is taken should not be publicly celebrated as we see today in mainstream music. Every relationship should be defined as either "open" or "closed" as it is every couple's right whether to swing or not to swing.

    There is no doubt that the declarations of thelema have fueled and inspired the celebrities of hollywood as Crowley states that, "every human being is a star" ; however, a man of the abrahamic faiths is presented with a challenge regarding the 1st and 2nd commandments. Currently, hollywood is operating as a system of polytheism where men are designed to be worshipped as pharoahs and gods, but God says, " worship no other gods but me " and " make no idols before me" . The mere concept of American Idol is going against the world of Elah, how can hollywood and God exist simultaneously in harmony? The answer is that hollywood has become increasingly less humble, and the industry itself is being degraded and downgraded by the worship of ego. The talents required for musical composition are less important than a man's ability to demonstrate his bravado. The snake in Genesis says, "Ye shall be as Gods", the pharoahs of rap have declared war against culture and the music industry. If "Love is the Law", how is a man's boasting of his wealth and crimes considered love? Lil Wayne declares, " For the money, For the power, For the fame: She Will " , this pop culture song with tens of millions of downloads represents the sickness which has invaded our pop culture. I would like to murder Lil Wayne, and declare, " She does it for Love, and that's the only way she's doing it! "

    This brings us to the subject of the 6th commandment: "Thou Shall Not Murder". Why does God declare this commandment while approving murder in the name of God and murdering scores of men Himself? The answer is that there must be a defense of god-fearing, practical, productive, loving, and hard-working societies. If a group of murderous thieves are infiltrating and ruining your community, does God give you the right to murder in defense? According to the bible, he indeed does. The 6th commandment should be defined as "Thou Shall Not Murder for Selfish or Material Gain" . I maintain that I will murder Lil Wayne or one my Illuminati superiors will carry out the hit for destroying the minds and intellects of my generation. I ask the illuminati elites one question: if you can murder an angel like Tupac, then why can you not murder a personified demon like Lil Wayne? The neuro-linguistic programming in the music of YMCMB will be dealt with by my hired guns because talent and originality in art must be rewarded or the culture of art itself will decay vapidly. An artist should: write lyrics condusive to mankind, create material out of love, and be able to play his own instruments. Freddie Mercury composed the entirety of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by his lonesome, but a star today needs thirty writers to compose a four-minute single. What is happening to my culture? Where is John Coltrane?

    The last commandment which I would like to address is the 9th which forbids "bearing false witness". We could easily change this commandment as most interpret it to mean, " Thou Shall Not Lie " . This is the most important of the tenets of American philosophy which I would like to address. Rihanna sings to the millions, " Love the way you Lie " , and I say what King David said, " I hate the double-minded " . Liars truly undermine the fabric of society. Truth should be held in the highest regard. There is never a beneficial reason to conceal one's mind or heart. The 1st ammendment has created a culture of persuasion, manipulation, and lying. You should have the "freedom to honesty" instead of a "freedom of speech" which essentially empowers every idiot to say whatever the fuck they want even if it is not true or sensical. You should not have the right to purposefully manipulate the public with disinformation. The mainstream media have ruined my society by presenting distorted truths rather than merely reporting the facts as they are. The result is a majority of my peers are brainwashed by revisionist history. 2 + 2 = 4, and Israel was stolen from the Palestinian people. If someone is taught 12 x 5 is 47, that does not mean 12 x 5 is 47. If math teachers began teaching 12 x 5 is 47, parents would be in uproar. However, when my 30,000 dollar a year learning institution teaches that 6,000,000 million died in the holocaust when much less than 6,000,000 were murdered: no one cares. When my textbook says that the Palestinian land of modern day Israel was unoccupied when Jews moved in, there is no outrage. 12 x 5 = 60, and the Jews inhabit stolen property. They will be dealt with by my bombers in Gaza.

    As an Israelite, I demand that Benjamin Netanyahu prostrate before me that I may behead him for war crimes. The continued unprovoked bombings against against Palestinians will be dealt with. I will employ my British, American, Egyptian, Sudanese, and Jordanian operatives to undermine the government of Israel. Jewish Law states that Israel is ruled by a King, and a Prime Minister is in direct violation of this law; therefore, he will be dealt with according to the laws of Shaddai.

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