Texas Judges Thumbs Nose At US Supreme Court

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ShaklesOfBigGov, Aug 31, 2012.

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    A "fear", found not to be proven, finds its way to victory in a political decision for the Obama admistration. We have seen this scare tactic float around by the left before, the idea that having a photo ID somehow supresses the right of minorities. It remains unproven. There has been no claim that requiring an ID to obtain a passport surpresses minorities, nor is there supression to be found in requiring one to purchase a gun, which IS a "Constitional" right. Let me add that the right to bear arms comes with an extensive background check, along with a waiting period. Are we denying those individuals THEIR basic Constitutional right by having them pay for a license and undergo a criminal check?

    Let's look to cost, the government already provides a free cell phone with minutes and texting to those who can't afford it. Yet enforcement of voter ID seems to be an eluding subject for the left, one that appears to be of no real importance in contrast to certain "comforts" and technology like a cell phone.

    The ID law in Indiana looked at the issue of voter supression, it concluded:


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