Terrorist Iranistan And Terrorist Cubanistan In Bed Together

Discussion in 'Iran' started by JStone, May 8, 2012.

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    JStone, et al,

    This is something one might expect between nations having something in common; US sanctions imposed upon them.


    The Haaretz Daily Newspaper tends to focus on the current and more controversial issues, and tend to tie them together in conspiracy fashion. And while what they say is general true, it is not the greater picture; it is a snapshot in time.

    This is, in part, and extension of the countries that form the growing Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). And Casto is currently the Secretary-General of NAM and Iran is hosting the upcoming 16th summit of the 2012 NAM. At last count, NAM includes some 115-120 member nations (see: List of NAM Members). Relative to the Middle East and Persian Gulf, the membership includes Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Sudan, UAE and Yemen; not to mention Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. ***Cuba, Iran and Venezuela are all members of NAM, and may be co-authoring a peace of the next summit.

    During this (15th) summit (May 9-10) in the Red Sea Resort city of Sharm El-Sheikh, NAM is expected to express a very deep interest in the (as they are saying) "definition of the Middle East Peace Process."

    Clearly, the meeting of which Haaretz reports did include discussions on the Iranian Nuclear Program, surely included the Agenda for the 16th Summit. Iran is begining to play an important role in the development of NAM, and that might have been discussed as well. It is surprising to note that NAM covers more land mass representation than the remaining Aligned Nations.


    The five principles of NAM are:
    • * Mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty
    • * Mutual non-aggression
    • * Mutual non-interference in domestic affairs
    • * Equality and mutual benefit
    • * Peaceful co-existence
    Members of NAM have often said that there goal is to avoid alignment with any major diplomatic or political bloc and promote both sovereignty and development. This is political-ese for the dominant power blocs of the Northern Hemisphere (US and its major allied activities like NATO).

    It should be noted that NAM has traditionally been opposed to further Nuclear "Weapons" Proliferation; but promoting Nuclear Programs for peaceful purposes.


    Some claim that Iran is jockeying for position to become the next Chairmanship of NAM.

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