Terrorism Comics: Scarlett-Knight

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    This is a democracy-vignette involving Scarlett (fictional female war-consultant and military-intelligence officer and soldier from Hasbro's G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comics) and Baroness (a diabolical terrorist who works for the fictional super-terrorist group Cobra) regarding the modernism 'mechanics' of Leviathan (metaphysics-philosophy 'creature' signifying absolute uncertainty amidst layered programs) and SimCity (a virtual-simulation game about planning and running and constructing a modern town or city) as they pertain to the Information Superhighway 'ghost stories' reflected in the terrorist Transformers (Hasbro) A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) wolfish robot Cyclonus (a 'first-knight' of Machiavellian labyrinths).



    American military-intelligence officer Scarlett was assigned the odious task (by the Trump Administration) to deal with a new super-A.I. virus created by ISIS and released onto America's shores on the 4th of July, 2018. Scarlett was told that this robotic, multi-tasking 'super-virus' was named Cyclonus and given a digital re-presentation of its behavioural/structural 'physique' (it/he was made to look like a wolfish war-minded mecha-rover). Scarlett had to travel to Morocco where it was believed ISIS was establishing a profitable underground electronics research outfit covertly. The CIA got wind of this through an insider who disclosed the information.


    Scarlett was not alone in the assignment. Countering her mission was the evil and wily terrorist vizier Baroness who was currently working for both rogue 'descendants' of Al Qaeda and a nouveau-faction of the IRA. Baroness wanted the blueprints for Cyclonus so she could help her super-terrorist organization (newly-formed) called 'Cobra' establish cyber-links between the East and the West. Her Cobra allies Storm-Shadow and Pythona were busy securing a viral-station base in Paris (France). It was going to be a showdown (between Scarlett and Baroness!).


    Scarlett was surprised to find a nifty little LEGO store in Fez (Morocco) which contained a very expansive synthetic LEGO-piece constructed town model (miniature) on a table. Scarlett wanted to know how much a cherished 'collectible' would cost, but the store-merchant was refusing to sell it and was only presenting it for display-purposes. Scarlett offered him $20K, but the man refused and instead convinced her to go home happy with an advance-copy discounted-price box of SimCity (the virtual-world city-building construction-planning and settlement-development video-game). Scarlett had a revelation --- she would use SimCity redundancy to design anti-virus software and finally fight Leviathan (the mysterious 'other-world' multi-headed dragon-beast signifying mathematical chaos). After all Leviathan is what ISIS (and 'Cobra'!) were seeking. How would Baroness counter this brilliant initiative?


    Scarlett and Baroness came head-to-head one morning in Fez, when their paths accidentally and very coincidentally crossed(!). Scarlett was armed with her crossbow and mini-sabre, and Baroness wielded an electric stun-gun and large Arabian dagger. The two fought and fought and fought (after deciding to fight hand-to-hand and drop their crossbow/stun-gun) in front of a fascinated audience. One child yelled out, "Carnage (Marvel Comics) should be here cheering this!" Scarlett won the wrestling and knife-fight, though both suffered cuts and scrapes and minor bruises. Scarlett carried Baroness to the D.C. center for the politically-insane where she read Carnage (Marvel Comics) stories to her. Baroness was beginning to understand the basic humanist value of democracy.


    Scarlett then continued her search for the super-virus Cyclonus in Morocco. She would have gone all the way to Casablanca if she could, but her inquiries led her to an outpost where two ISIS software-scramblers were working with Cyclonus, tracking him and trying to send it algorithmic requests. Scarlett seized their computer and took the algorithms to the NSA (National Security Agency), and it was studied and studied and studied. It was concluded that Cyclonus could indeed be controlled and treated and perhaps even serve as a supra-monitoring-program for storage-label errors. It seemed that democracy-diligence was creating true social progress. U.S. President Donald Trump noted, "This will spike sales of Xbox video-games, which is good for the consumer-market!"





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