tax cuts end, new taxes begin...

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    Fiscal Policy: Many voters are looking forward to 2011, hoping a new Congress will put the country back on the right track. But unless something's done soon, the new year will also come with a raft of tax hikes — including a return of the death tax — that will be real killers.

    Through the end of this year, the federal estate tax rate is zero — thanks to the package of broad-based tax cuts that President Bush pushed through to get the economy going earlier in the decade.

    But as of midnight Dec. 31, the death tax returns — at a rate of 55% on estates of $1 million or more. The effect this will have on hospital life-support systems is already a matter of conjecture.

    Resurrection of the death tax, however, isn't the only tax problem that will be ushered in Jan. 1. Many other cuts from the Bush administration are set to disappear and a new set of taxes will materialize. And it's not just the rich who will pay.

    The lowest bracket for the personal income tax, for instance, moves up 50% — to 15% from 10%. The next lowest bracket — 25% — will rise to 28%, and the old 28% bracket will be 31%. At the higher end, the 33% bracket is pushed to 36% and the 35% bracket becomes 39.6%.

    But the damage doesn't stop there.

    The Tax Tsunami On The Horizon - IBD -

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    Yeah I make under 100,000/year and when the bush tax cuts expire my federal responsibility is going to go up 3% more than what it is now.

    Also the financial bill that just passed is going to increase my federal taxes. In the bill there is a provision making the portion of my health insurance my employer pays for me into taxable income. Up until that bill it was not considered taxable income but it will be now.

    Thats another 3,000/year I have to pay taxes on or another ~$500/year I have to pay in taxes to the feds.

    I hate taxes if you couldn't tell :lol:

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