Taking Another Look at Kosovo

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    The crowning jewel of the Clinton Administration's foreign policy. Alas.

    The Bush Doctrine Need Not Apply
    By Julia Gorin, Front Page Magazine
    August 24, 2006

    Although Kosovo set a terrifying precedent for Israel, at least two Jews are happy about it. In a recent Wall St. Journal-Europe piece titled “Balkan Choice,” Morton Abramowitz and Mark Schneider write that Serbian President Vojislav Kostunica’s opposition to Kosovo independence risks making his country an “international pariah.”

    Have these two been asleep for 15 years? Serbia has been a pariah since it began fighting Islamo-nationalist terror without the West’s permission. Serbs were the first ones fingered in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the ones bombed by Bill Clinton in 1995 for a Sarajevo marketplace massacre — despite British intelligence warnings that a Bosnian-Muslim mortar was responsible. That other pariah state, Israel, is familiar with such frame-ups, and it’s no coincidence that Israel quietly aided Serbs militarily, aware of Islamic terrorist ties to the Bosnian army, including Palestinians operating in Bosnia.

    When Israel confronts terrorism, it’s called self-defense. When Serbia does, it’s “poisonous nationalism” — as a Washington Post editorial called it the same week ("Serbia’s Intransigence"). Quite strategically, the word “Muslim” appears nowhere in either article, lest the world finally catch on to what we “achieved” in the Balkans. Instead, the authors promote the term “Albanian Kosovar,” a flashback to the journalistic ploy that ensured a multi-national war against European Christians on behalf of Muslims.

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