Syria is free have their own central bank despite Zionist terrorism

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    Iran and Syria control their own banking system. "They are some of the only countries left without a Zionist central banking system. Just as in the Bolshevik revolution destroyed the Russian monarchy one now finds outsiders who promote unrest in Syria to destroy their government just like Russia was destroyed by the greedy Zionist bankers. Millions of people were murdered and robbed after the Soviet Union took hold.

    If you want to look at more recent history Iraq was destroyed by these same Zionist international bankers, and life for the people of any country they invade only gets much worst. The Zionist pay masons and mercenaries to incite violence against those who refuse their communist central banks.

    Syria is much better off with their current leader just as Iraq, Libya, and Russia was better off before the Zionist hired savage murderers to overthrow their government.

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