Super Tuesday: It's Make or Break Time

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    Super Tuesday is finally here! With so much at stake, it's imperative that Trump voters keep their eyes on the prize today. A news story yesterday reported that 20,000 Democrats in Massachusetts quit, in order to vote for Trump before Super Tuesday. This did not escape the attention of some seasoned bloggers.

    One astute observer on US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum noted that the same strategy was used against Romney in 2012 : Democrats resigned from their party in order to vote for Romney's opponents.

    I wouldn't put it past them. Why else would they wait until now to switch parties? Liberals aren't exactly known for their long range planning skills.

    Marco Rubio backers have been busy making anti-Trump robo-calls. The other lawyer-candidate Ted Cruz is hoping to make his case in Texas and win 155 delegates. If Trump wins all 595 delegates today he'll be at 677 delegates. He only needs 1237 to win.

    It might be time for the GOP Establishment to go with John Kaisich and ditch the two establishment Senators. This is definitely not the year of the insider. While Kaisich isn't exactly an “outsider,” I believe that he will fare far better than the other two establishment candidates (Cruz & Rubio). Of course, Kaisich will not win but at this point the GOP establishment isn't really serious about winning.

    If they were serious about winning they would have already endorsed Donald Trump. Speaking of endorsements, the GOP establishment's strategy has backfired on them. Much to their dismay, Trump has received some major conservative political endorsements leading up to Super Tuesday.

    Phyllis Shafly, who said,"Rubio betrayed us all has endorsed Donald Trump. Highly respected GOP conservative Senator Jeff Sessions - has endorsed Donald Trump. Sessions hasn't endorsed a candidate for president for the past 20 years. He's pure gold for Donald Trump.

    So is Phyllis Shafly, the conservative darling of the Republican party. They hang on her every word, quite literally. There is also the endorsement from Governor Sarah Palin. Palin is widely recognized as a conservative Republican stalwart within the Republican party. Her endorsement was a major accomplishment for Trump.

    With such shining endorsements now on record for Donald Trump, will the establishment Republican party reconsider their plan to shut Trump down? It doesn't look like it.

    In a last ditch effort to sway voters against Trump, the liberal media are running some wild stories. They have been caught playing fast and loose with the facts more than once. There is no arrest record on file for Donald Trump's father. Furthermore, the article they are using doesn't articulate what Trump's father was doing. For all they know he could have been an innocent bystander. The article is clear that no charges were ever brought against Fred Trump. Sounds like the liberal media and establishment Republican party have joined forces in a final attempt to stop Trump. They'll have better luck trying to stop the wind from blowing.

    While on the subject of lost causes… Exactly how many times will the news media regurgitate the same lie that Trump never disavowed David Duke or the KKK? How many times exactly does Donald Trump have to disavow the KKK and David Duke before the news media acknowledge he's done it? KKK leader David Duke has come out publicly stating that he never endorsed Donald Trump!

    This looks like a concerted effort to smear Donald Trump's name in a final effort to keep him from winning the nomination. The stakes are very high today.

    Super Tuesday is not about 2nd place and 3rd place. There are no consolation prizes to hand out. It's make or break time and neither Rubio nor Cruz have proven they can win one for the team.

    Here is the latest tally from Super Tuesday:

    Trump 82

    Cruz 17

    Rubio 16

    Kaisich 6

    Carson 4

    super tuesday results - Google Search

    States voting on Super Tuesday:

    Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia – if you live in one of these States make sure and vote for Donald Trump today.

    We cannot afford another 8 years of Barack Obama under Hillary Clinton. Trump is the only one GOP Candidate with a proven record of winning. He's the only candidate endorsed by leading conservatives within the Republican Party. He's the only one who can beat Hillary Clinton.

    Vote for Donald Trump.
    He's the right choice with the right plan to make America great Again.

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