Super Bowl XIV

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    Super Bowl XIV was an exciting American football game which took place on a bright day in Pasadena (home of the Rose Bowl) and saw the powerful QB Terry Bradshaw let Pittsburgh Steelers take on the upstart Los Angeles Rams who were led by talented QB Vince Ferragamo.

    The Steelers eventually won the game 31-19, having taken over the second half completely and quieting the Rams' magical offense. The Rams were otherwise doing very very well in the early goings-on of this iconic football championship.

    The Steelers were the favorites in any case, boasting a 10.5 point victory-advantage prediction --- and they met that prediction! However, Ferragamo's unusual style of play had the Rams looking awfully sharp and the Steelers looking surprisingly nervous, so California football fans thrilled that the Super Bowl was being held on their home turf were eager to see what would develop on that cool day.



    As the Steelers marched in being the favorites to win, audiences were curious to see what Rams QB Ferragamo could do in the opening moments of the game to ensure that the 'Steelers machine' did not simply run away with the game. Ferragamo did not disappoint, coordinating some nifty plays and managing solid teamwork to give the Rams an early lead.


    After the 1st half ended, the Rams led 13-10 and were looking to keep playing their imaginative and well-coordinated play to somehow push past the dreaded and legendary Steelers machine. Ferragamo continued to orchestrate what was necessary and at the end of the 3rd quarter, the Rams still led 19-17, but now the Steelers were creeping closer and closer and closer as the final quarter began.


    Americans love sports, human dramas, unusual characters/entertainment, and the Super Bowl has become synonymous with arena/venue festivity, iconic marketing/ads, and of course incredible televised fanfare. Super Bowl XIV was the first Super Bowl of the 1980s, and as America settled into Reaganomics, they never forgot how Ferragamo's magical play through 3 quarters of Super Bowl IV reminded them of the general populism 'flair' of American society. It wouldn't be until Steve Young's San Francisco 49ers of the 1990s that NFL fanfare would once again see 'rays of populism spirit.' America was changing...


    All of us love to see shining celebrities show their faces at cool sporting events (such as the photo below of Hollywood thespians Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson at the Super Bowl game in 2008 between the New England Patriots and eventual champions New York Giants). The Super Bowl is a great American pastime, in other words, so we want to see the drama of underdogs winning, titans coming through, and awesome arena atmospherics. Super Bowl XIV was entertaining in these days, despite the ever-increasingly predictable ending which saw the Steelers machine march into form...and victory.


    What's a Super Bowl without great food? You might serve/eat nachos, corn-dogs, vodka, peanuts, fries, watermelons, pears, pizza, chicken wings, baked potatoes with broccoli-and-cheese, mozzarella sticks, Cornish game hens, kielbasa, chili, pumpkin pie, butternut squash soup (and so on). You can't talk about the Super Bowl without some intimations into the splendour of cozy comforts (whether you're watching the game live or on TV).


    After Super Bowl XIV concluded, Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw and Rams QB Vince Ferragamo met on the field and offered their words of peace and congratulations and sympathies. It was a time when QBs were considered the real leaders of the teams and coaches were merely 'shamans.' Bradshaw did what was expected and for a good portion of the game, the upstart Ferragamo did what no one expected --- handsomely commandeer the game. The Steelers pulled away in the 4th quarter, outscoring the Rams 14-0 and sealing the victory with a 31-19 final score. Bradshaw was the star for the day.


    All kinds of classic Super Bowl games can be found on eBay/ these days, so you can really shop around and look for your favorite Super Bowl game or buy a bunch and then decide which one is your favorite! Super Bowl XIV is a terrific DVD/Blu-ray purchase for a friend or family member you know who loves the general 'magic' of American football. After all, when time elapses, and the vaults close, all we have left is our memories of splendour in an otherwise monotonous world of tedious Wall Street work.


    {Bradshaw, who never lost a Super Bowl he appeared in, said he isn't sure he would have been able to handle making it to the big game and leaving without a trophy.

    "I knew that my life, my whole image is going to be circled right here," he said of his mental state prior to his championships. "You lose a Super Bowl -- what if you lose two, or three, or four, somehow? What if you win this one? The pressure is just so heavy." -Bradshaw} -source:


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    ahhh the good old days when NFL football was NOT corrupt as it is now.You just mentioned WHY the game is corrupt now with the new england cheatriots how they have tainted the game and with how the owners have ruined it putting bright new shiny new stadiums first before history and tradition which is why teams are moving all the time now.these days you now not only dont know what team your favorite player will play for next year,you dont know what city your favorite TEAM will be playing in next year in the NL in the FAN LOYALTY LEAGUE.

    upstart Los Angeles Rams

    you just mentioned those magical words LOS ANGELES Rams. that superbowl at the time was the most exciting superbowl ever played because of so many lead changes.for sure one of the grestest superbowls if not THE greatest superbowl game.

    people talk about about the rams superbowl win against the titans with the greatest show on turf. screw that superbowl. I'll take that superbowl with the steelers when my LOS ANGELES Rams were in the superbowl any day of the year. people say the rams never won a superbowl while in LA,well they had much tougher competition back then the rams did in 99 when they were in st louis. I mean look at who the rams beat in that superbowl.The tennessee Titans,big deal,who were they? they were a bunch of outcasts lucky to be there,the only talent hey had was steve mcnair and eddie george thats it. where the rams they had to play the steelers,a dynasty that won multiple superbowls and that team had many hall of famers like terry bradshaw and yet they stood toe to toe with them in that whole game. Plus they made the playoffs almost all the time which was impressive back then the fact that it was much more difficult to make it to the playoffs back then than it is now because far fewer teams were allowed to go to the playoffs where now,you have twice as many teams that get to the playoffs now than you did back then.

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