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    Heart of Germany

    i heard about several intersting success stories here in my small, quasi-communistic, state that i like to tell you.

    this is a very impressing story. In the end of the 90ties, a 16-years old boy was asked by his mother to build a carport for their house. At the same time, he was making a school project about homepage building. Starting as a joke, he built up his hp in the look of an business hp about carports, using his house project as an example.

    But then...the people began to ask for his carports.

    Now, he is a very young man, having 50 employees, including 3 Masters of Carpenting, having 10M Euros on account and doubles his business volume every year.

    (Feeding bowl) An 24yrs old man opened the first "Super Pet Store" in Germany. Now he is has best franchise concept in germany.

    and so on. You don´t have to invent a super-hightech machine to make millions of dollars. Even simple ideas are gold, when their time has come.

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