Study Shows Standing Up To Bullies Is Good For You

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    this little tidbit was on the geeknews network this morning. i question the accuracy of the conclusion if the bullies happen to be wearing police badges. i can't see how standing up to cops who are bullies can have any positive effects.

    Study Shows Standing Up To Bullies Is Good For You |
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    It will come as no surprise to anyone who's ever talked to my grandpa,
    but a recent study has shown that [0]standing up to a bully is good for
    you. Although being bullied can be stressful and lead to depression,
    children who returned hostility were found more likely to develop healthy
    social and emotional skills. From the article: "In a study of American
    children aged 11 and 12, researchers from the University of California,
    Los Angeles, compared those who stood up to aggressors with those who did
    not. Children who returned hostility with hostility appeared to be the
    most mature, the researchers found. Boys who stood up to bullies and
    schoolyard enemies were judged more socially competent by their teachers.
    Girls who did the same were more popular and more admired by teachers and
    peers, the researchers found."

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    0. Bullying 'can be good for children': Study finds those who fight back are more popular | Mail Online
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    Totally agree! People who got bullied need respect as well. They should stand up for themselves.

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