States mis-use stimulus money

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by LilOlLady, Nov 26, 2009.

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    The government sent stimulus money to state and state mis-used it by sending it to districts that did not exist. Where did the money go? And Republican wants states to run healthcare? States are well known for mis-using federal monies and most are Republicans who complain that the stimulus is not working. In spite of them it’s working, just not as fast as they want it to reflect on Obama. Some states are not even using the money. If the money is not used, it will not create jobs and it will make Obama look bad.

    Nevada Democrats has spent some of the money to help illegal aliens who use the HAWC medical clinic. They get a discount and the rest is pay by the government. Us.

    Right Wing Village Idiots and Tea Baggers complain that Obama is not crating more jobs and turning the economy around fast enough. He avoided another Great Depression. It took the Great Depression 10 years to turn around because big industry and banks failed. Obama slowed down, what would have been much worse, in just 10 months.

    The bail out, they complain about, got the jobs done. They are up and working and making profits. They were “too big to fail.” Failing industries and banks caused the great depression.

    Obama and his people are much smarter then WE think they are. If we were smarter then they are, we would be in the big house advising them instead on this stupid message board.

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