Speaker Dweik meets with officials from Russia's foreign ministry

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    RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Speaker of the Palestinian legislative council Dr. Aziz Dweik and a number of lawmakers met on Wednesday with a Russian delegation in Ramallah city and discussed a number of developments and issues in the Palestinian and Arab arenas.

    The Russian delegation was composed of envoy of the Russian foreign minister Alexander Yefimov, Russian's representative to the Palestinian authority Alexander Rudakov and their assistants.

    Dr. Dweik hailed the Russian role in supporting the Palestinian cause and the Arab issues, stressing that the Russian political positions are balanced and sincere.

    He and the Russian delegation stressed the importance of the principles of freedom, justice and human dignity as well as the universal concept of human rights, noting that Hamas Movement rejects all of extremism and violence because this goes against its faith and values.

    The two sides discussed the issue of kidnapping Hamas-affiliated lawmakers and officials following 2006 elections in addition to Israel's intent to exile a number of MPs and one former minister from their native city of occupied Jerusalem.


    Speaker Dweik meets with officials from Russia's foreign ministry

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