South Korean group sues over B.S. Mad cow claims

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    Every dog has his day, so I suppose cows are at some point offered their due.

    In Korea, American cows were until recently the target of massive--and at times violent-- protests sparked by specious media claims that Koreans were at risk of contracting Mad Cow disease from U.S. beef.

    But, it looks like the American cow will finally get its day in court. According to the Korea Times, a group of 2,469 Korean citizens has launched a class action law suit against TV “news magazine” , PD Notebook, seeking $2.4 million in damages.

    The Mad Cow episode, which aired in April, featured the now infamous (and erroneous) report claiming that American cows posed an imminent threat to Koreans.

    The show went so far as to alter translations of interviews with Americans as well as quoting spurious scientific research that Koreans have a genetic disposition to contracting Mad Cow.

    As talk of American genocide swept the blogosphere and protests grew to the tens of thousands, PD Notebook was unrepententent --even after an associate producer from the show admitted that his superiors intentionally altered facts.

    One is left to wonder if this shows the power of the press or the piteousness of the people. Sure PD Notebook ignited the movement, but the people kept it going long after the errant claims were exposed.

    The Korean plaintiffs in the suit against the show, claim that what transpired goes beyond physical damage or the loss of business in protest areas. Many believe that PD Notebook should also be held accountable for the damaging perceptions of Koreans abroad --as a baffled world looked on in disbelief that Koreans could be so fanatic over a non-existent threat.

    The suit by native Koreans comes on the hooves of a $10 million lawsuit launched against PD Notebook by a Korean-American group last month.

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