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    OK so how about what I call song parodies - your lyrics and someone else's music? There is a thread for lyrics but that seemed to serious like its for Bob Dylan or somebody and one for poems but that didnt seem to fit either.

    This is one I wrote for a woman friend who was agonizing over whether to get botox (she did)

    Give Me Plastic Surgery

    All I want is a botox shot
    Two breast implants to make me hot
    I don't like what I've got
    So give me plastic surgery

    Make me look like I did before
    Better yet make me like a whore
    The kind all men adore
    So give me plastic surgery

    I know it costs a pretty penny to be a smokin' broad
    Not to worry Dr. Goldberg showed me how to commit insurance fraud

    Men only like what men can see
    They don't care what's inside of me
    Unless it makes me a 36 D
    So give me plastic surgery

    And this is my first started thread here

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