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    - cram down the damndemocrats throats, although it might be more effective in the other direction.
    Oh, I forgot - it's the Kool-Aid.
    (I'm going to have to educate these bloggers that there is a prefix to a certain word and the entire word is 'damndemocrats'.

    Gateway Pundit: Statistical Proof-- Democrats Are Either Misinformed & Insane... Or Liars

    Sunday, July 05, 2009
    Statistical Proof-- Democrats Are Either Misinformed & Insane... Or Liars
    If you ever needed proof that democrats are misinformed and insane here is the statistical proof.
    Rasmussen reported today that democrats honestly believe the economy is better today than one year ago:

    Over the past year, overall levels of consumer confidence have bounced around a lot but ended up with little change. For the full month June 2008, the Rasmussen Consumer Index was at 71.9. In June, 2009, that number was 72:0.

    But underneath those stable topline numbers is a dramatic shift along party lines. A year ago, Republicans were far more confident than Democrats. Today, the reverse is true.

    Among Democrats, the Rasmussen Consumer Index jumped from 53.7 a year ago to 79.5 in 2009.

    Among Republicans, confidence was at 99.4 a year ago and it’s fallen to 68.6 today.

    As for those not affiliated with either major party, there’s been little change.
    So, democrats say the economy is better off today.
    OK. Lets look at at a few sets of numbers.

    The US lost over 2.5 million jobs in the first four months of this year under the Obama Administration.
    The US unemployment rate rose from 7.6% to 9.5% under Obama... the highest rate in 26 years.

    Bureau of Labor Statistics- via Sweetness and Light
    The US has lost 16,000 jobs each day since Democrats passed their non-Stimulus bill, the largest redistribution of wealth from the private sector to government officials in US history.

    National Deficit:

    Obama will more than quadruple the US budget deficit his first year in office.

    Gross Domestic Product Growth:

    By any measurement, GDP growth is far below what it was last year. Gross Domestic Product fell at a 5.5 per cent annual rate in 2009's first financial quarter.

    Stock Market:

    The stock market is down 3,000 points from a year ago. And, the crash did not hit the economy until September.

    In the real world the economy is disaster.
    And, with all of the irresponsible spending by democrats most economists understand that we will likely see a huge rise in inflation.
    But, democrats believe things are better than a year ago.
    Democrats are either misinformed, ignorant, or lying...
    Or, a combination of all three.

    We live in a society -
    "of the Government, by the Government, for the Government".
    We are now slaves to A GREEDY government.
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    the woods


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    Lets not forget the over 3,000 Americans who were killed by terrorists in Bush's first year of office.

    Isn't cherrypicking statistics fun?

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