Mayor Sarah Palin nearly recalled!

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    She quit this job when the going got tough, as well.

    Foes back off their push to recall mayor (2/11/1997): Gov. Sarah Palin |

    A recall of Mayor Sarah Palin is off the table, at least for now, according to a group calling itself Concerned Citizens for Wasilla.

    The group of about 60 residents was formed Friday in response to Palin's controversial firing of Police Chief Irl Stambaugh. Members say they're concerned about the direction taken by Palin since her election last fall, and discussed a recall. But members of the group decided instead they first want to hear Palin's explanations in person. The group developed a list of 25 questions and plans to ask Palin to meet with them sometime before Feb. 21.

    ''In all fairness, we need to allow the mayor in her own words answer the questions we have for her,'' said Kathyrn Rounds, the group's acting chairwoman. Among the questions: Why did Palin fire the police chief if she didn't have a better person in mind? Does the city have an ethics code? Would she resign to avoid a recall? The group also wants her to clarify her goals for the city. Palin was non-committal Monday, but seemed resistant to the idea. In an interview, she described her critics as the same ''few disgruntled citizens'' who have been against her since she was elected. She has criticized Stambaugh for not supporting her administration.
    ''I don't remember any past mayors ... having to face a firing squad,'' she said. Palin, a former City Council member, has been under fire since she took office in October after defeating longtime Mayor John Stein. Questions immediately arose about whether the city staff, some of whom had publicly supported Stein, would stand behind her or whether she would oust her critics.

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