Some smart high brass have played rather an old trick recently

Discussion in 'Military' started by RonDo, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Some smart high brass have played rather an old trick recently - they moved a pawn into a queen position! Strange as it may seem, I really take some sympathy to Sergeant Robert Beyls accused of killing 16 or 17 Afghan civilians. I'm sure the poor guy is just a pawn or a scapegoat in the disgusting massacre.
    Matter of fact our top military need badly those permanent military bases in some regions of Afghanistan and local authorities ain't happy with the fact. So some pretext was to be found. They did it just. And Robert Beyls was chosen for the role. That was ill fate for him and his victims!
    BTW there's an amusing fact indirectly adding meat to my theory. Beyls had gotten a head wound and other injuries in Iraq prior to the moment they sent him to a conflict zone again. That was contrary to the usual practice, that sending I mean. Now think, if Beyls made such a gaffe and explained he was following the order when killing the civilians, top military could well brand his words just "ravings of a guy with some evident disorders upstairs" or smth like that.

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