Sob! Sob! "What's A Matter, Ma!" "Romney-Ryan Wants To Take Away The Mortgage On. .

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    Up until Romney started started making "chains" about Wall Street, taking them off(?): Likely no one even in Press Corps, or maybe at Rep. Paul Ryan's House, even knew that Wall Street protections were an economic plank!

    To paraphase a camp skit, "Sob! Sob! Sob, Sob Sob!" "What's the matter Ma?" Romney-Ryan want to take away the mortgage on the farm!" "Romney-Ryan want to take away the mortgage on the farm?" "Romney-Ryan want to take away the mortgage on the farm!

    "Sob! Sob! Sob, Sob, Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob, Sob, Sob!"

    Mortgage Holder Definition | Home Guides | SF Gate

    Once upon-a-time, (with the Canary. . .not involved), there were "mortgage-Holders" unloading paper all over the planet--essentially worthless, but American-Made! It was peddled out of Wall Street. Obama-Biden, Rep. Barney Frank, and others: Commenced creating Congressional Oversight--of worldwide, economic plague. The Seagulls of all the oceans would be unable to undo: The Wall Street, financiers, plague.

    Famously(?), Romney-Ryan are now widely on record seeking to restore Wall Street to Ronald Reagan's, "Only Yesterday!"

    Rep. Ryan would spot the folly of his own policy--wherein the rich get richer, and the poor cannot pay the "enforceable" paper. Like Others, Rep. Ryan voted for TARP.

    "Troubled Assets Relief Program" paper got almost as much as Social Security, and in about a day.

    There was nearly $1.0 tril. worth of Wall Street financial crap that had to be unwound, and therefore bailed out, in the process.

    Ivy League viewers, please note in the link: What Vice-President Biden is likely discussing. "M" is not for "Mom!" there, creative Tatt though it may look like(?)! Vice President Biden, famously, also got the "Shovel-Ready-Jobs" concept right--unlike CNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN, and even without having to so-state: "Fantacize Along With Fox TV News," where mainly only ratings really matter!

    SEC, even, likely needs to be included! Clearly a remedy had to be put in place, later to be really shown needing more clout!

    In contrast, all of China got the "Shovel Ready Jobs" concept right, and even according to J. Maynard Keynes!

    Romney-Ryan are not for a robust, clearly China-like, economy!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Bain Investment experience keeps the money among the rich. Rep Ryan policy takes the money away from the poor, trying to save up to pay for Medicare! Finally, again, King George III is not just about Bush-Cheney, anymore!)
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