So far 0 for 2 in arithmetic skills

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    I've asked to simple arithmetic questions:

    1) Which is a bigger number 1 million barrels or 300 barrels.. and so far everyone seems to have a different answer to that basic question.. which is bigger?

    2) Which is bigger 90,000 jobs or 700 lost jobs?
    Bain rescued Staples and now 90,000 people have jobs.. YET
    Bain lost money bankrupt GS Industries and lost 700 jobs!

    Which had more impact i.e. bigger number 90,000 jobs created or 700 lost?

    Yet again.. people trying to make simple issues complicated why???

    Shipping 1 million barrels is risky.
    A pipeline leaks but at the most 300 barrels are in a 1 mile section of Keystone!

    WHICH would cause more damage and with one tanker per day necessary to equal the pipeline aren't there more opportunities of tankers' spills?

    More damage and more opportunities with 1 million tanker then the pipeline!

    YET not one Keystone or Bain critic will answer the two questions.. WHY?
    Are they just too dumb to know the difference?
    Why can't we all just agree on these two points:
    1 million barrels by tanker is bigger then 300 barrels by pipeline
    Bain created 90,000 jobs and lost 700 jobs.. Isn't 90,000 more then 700?
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