Slaughter of the innocent

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    Did you know that Georgia has got its own bloody KGB? And it has one-upped Soviet original. At least the last one adhered to state laws and tried keeping its face. But Georgian butchers don’t care much about laws. They’ve got Georgian Minister of Internal Affairs and President himself covering their arses. Now that Georgian Special Service has worked out new plan of suppressing local opposition. It consists of two main directions. First is discredit of expatriate organizations leaders and of most active politicians for making Saakashvili’s obedient puppets of them. And the second is neutralization of most influential opposition leaders. This part Georgian president developed himself making lists of his most bitter enemies. Knowing Misha’s temper he will pull up entire head of opposition by the roots.
    Here you are Georgian democratic freedom. And you’ll never know fate of those poor devils for there is no freedom of press in Georgia.

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