Shiva-Ravana: TrumpUSA DNA(?)

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    This is a commerce-ethos exchange between Shiva (Hindu god of destruction) and Ravana (Hindu demon of ambition) regarding capitalism idealism.

    Should 'TrumpUSA' generate dialogic-optimism?




    SHIVA: I am very interested in Sodom and Gomorrah.
    RAVANA: Modern America is like both Sodom and Gomorrah!
    SHIVA: Are you referring to caffeine-culture and Wall Street gluttony?
    RAVANA: seek the savage glories of piracy-like domination.
    SHIVA: Sure. Many critics of capitalism think the system is like gambling.
    RAVANA: The reason for the 2017 Vegas-shooting was TrumpUSA angst!
    SHIVA: There's no proof of that, but since 9/11, people talk about 'system conspiracy.'
    RAVANA: Would you be willing to stake your life on the claim that democracy is pure?
    SHIVA: American Presidents exploit the system just like everyone else, but faith endures.
    RAVANA: Perhaps democracy promotes idealism, but capitalism is a lot like gambling!
    SHIVA: That's because of incalculable risk (e.g., probability-uncertainty).
    RAVANA: Yes, even mathematicians can't predict a stock-market crash.
    SHIVA: That's why Americans glorify bank-robbers (e.g., Bonnie and Clyde).
    RAVANA: Bonnie and Clyde is an iconic American film by Arthur Penn.
    SHIVA: Perhaps the Winter Olympics (South Korea) will promote optimism.
    RAVANA: Trump had to seek commerce-pacts during the North Korea 'crisis.'
    SHIVA: That Labor Day 2017 crisis was the first real 'test' of TrumpUSA.
    RAVANA: Indeed it was, but I think it proves America is Sodom/Gomorrah.
    SHIVA: Sodom and Gomorrah were about flesh frailty and doomed pride.
    RAVANA: There's something 'romantic' about the 'risks' of Babylon...
    SHIVA: Maybe consumerism (e.g., Facebook) is like psoriasis.
    RAVANA: In that case, President Trump will be a 'Teamsters-dermatologist.'



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