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    This is a modernism-parable (comics-stylized) involving the 'folk-mythos avatars' Shiva (Hindu god of destruction) and Carrie (fictional anti-heroine from the iconic Stephen King horror novel about coming-of-age trauma).

    How do we negotiate capitalism with self-consciousness?


    Shiva was meditating about the general frailty of morality and ethics (mostly in the modern world) and began appreciating the folk symbolism of the fictional anti-heroine Carrie White (a young woman representing American tragedy). Shiva decided to bring the spirit of Carrie to life from the Stephen King novel so she could serve as a modern-day 'muse' of spiritual frailty. Shiva was eager to become 'involved' in the real-life fears of everyday people.

    SHIVA: I have given life to you so you can be a muse, Carrie.
    CARRIE: Am I a 'bride of sorrow' or a muse of mankind?
    SHIVA: You're both! I want you to wander around Earth and understand frailty.
    CARRIE: Isn't it ironic you evoked a 'spirit' of tragedy, Lord Shiva?
    SHIVA: Well, the modern world is fraught with strange passions...
    CARRIE: Where should I begin?
    SHIVA: How about Boston, Massachusetts (there are a lot of schools there!).
    CARRIE: Alright, I'll wander around Harvard, Boston College, and MIT as a 'ghost.'
    SHIVA: Sounds promising. I want you to look at how today's students are learning.
    CARRIE: You mean about capitalism/piracy?
    SHIVA: Yes, it's a 'Vegas world,' and America as elected a casino-mogul as its President.
    CARRIE: That sounds interesting, Lord Shiva. I will explore college sororities too...
    SHIVA: Don't think of yourself as my 'creation' but rather as my 'angel.'
    CARRIE: Alright...

    Carrie wandered around Harvard and noticed that business students were nearly-preoccupied with analyses of modern profiteers and wondered if these students were involved in the study of the modern impact of the World Bank or the United Nations. She followed around one female business student named Ana (president of her own sorority) and discovered she was a gambling-addict. She reported back to Lord Shiva and explained that Ana was a 'product' of the modern world. Shiva told her to 'guide' Ana, so Carrie did just that, motivating Ana to consider becoming a consultant for the World Bank!

    Ana committed suicide two months later, when she realized that Carrie's metaphysical advice was not bearing fruit. Carrie would visit Ana in her dreams while she slept and told her about the virtue of promoting democracy in a world where capitalism might be vilified. Ana never got over her gambling addiction and when she thought she could not 'make a real difference,' she became demoralized. Carrie reported this tragedy back to Shiva, and Shiva ordered her to return to heaven and to her own 'dominion' of invisible literature-meditation (since Ana's suicide was too tragic). Shiva wondered if 'TrumpUSA' would ever become a 'beacon' of media-confidence. Shiva never forgot what Carrie tried to do, however.



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