Capitalism: The Phoenix Door

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    This is a 'capitalism-consciousness' trial inspired by G.I. Joe (Hasbro/Marvel) comics and the capitalism-governance films Three Kings and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

    It also references the anarchism Devil's Advocate Marvel Comics character Dark Phoenix (an anti-heroine who serves here as a 'modernism-omen Portia' figurine).

    Signing off,



    PHOENIX: The G.I. Joes used guerilla tactics against Cobra!
    LAWYER: Cobra was a super-terrorist organization that needed to be stopped.

    PHOENIX: The Joe ninja-assassin 'Snake-Eyes' was a card-shark!
    LAWYER: Snake-Eyes did what he had to do to unfurl Cobra Commander's 'torture-casino.'

    PHOENIX: The Americans the Joes defended were profiteers and gamblers...
    LAWYER: The G.I. Joes defended those too meek to defend themselves!

    PHOENIX: The Joes hoisted a casino-celebrity as 'affirmed world leader.'
    LAWYER: U.S. President Donald Trump is fully-adept at managerial-politics.

    PHOENIX: Washington, D.C. is a den for apologetics...
    LAWYER: I may be a lawyer (only), but I understand 'civics mandates.'

    PHOENIX: Democracy was compromised to 'save' democracy.
    LAWYER: Sometimes to defeat McCarthyism, you have to 'censor' the media.

    PHOENIX: Censorship was used as a bandage to deal with fear of the truth!
    LAWYER: Some 'truths' are better left unsaid (e.g., "The American Dream is a risk").

    PHOENIX: We'll see what historians of the future say about the Gulf War.
    LAWYER: The Gulf War was petroleum-driven, yes, but it created fresh perspectives.

    PHOENIX: Perhaps Americans will be redeemed Bugsy!
    LAWYER: The 'founding-father' of Las Vegas is a diplomat of commerce (and peace!).



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