Shaq to Cavs for Scraps!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by GHook93, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Sources: Phoenix Suns agree to send Shaquille O'Neal to Cleveland Cavaliers - ESPN

    Shaq to Cavs for Pavlov, Wallace and a 2nd round pick. IOW a bench warmer, a washed up Player and a 2nd rounder! Now the big question is how much juice does Shaq have left in the tank! Does pairing up with arguable the best player in the NBA provide him some motivation (maybe after seeing Kobe win one without him will also)! I am betting on Shaq working his butt off over the summer and coming into the season in shape and ready to go! Also worthy to note: That Shaq unarguably has the best backup in the game in Z. Shaq will be able to feel confortable that even being out of the game the Cavs will have a Starter quality center in the league.

    Cavs line-up:

    PG: Mo Williams
    SG: Szczerbiak (a sharp shooter would open the lane for LBJ and the post for Shaq), or probably West
    SF: LBJ
    PF: Varejoa/ Joe Smith/L. Wright
    C: Shaq backed up by Z

    I am a Bulls fan, but if I was to look at it objectively I would say Cavs in '10!
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    Shaq is definitely not the starting center. If anyone is going to sit because of Shaq its gonna be varejao. I can see them trying to get their big three as Lebron Shaq and Ilgauskas immediately and hopefully in time either turn Gibson into a dual threat instead of just shooting or draft/buy/trade a PG/SG. Ilgauskas was their third best scorer last year starting only 65 games, they are not going to bench him for Shaq.

    This trade is important because it pretty much just ended the where is Lebron going threads. He's staying. No way Cleveland is going to shell out the bux for Shaq if Lebron is leaving.

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