Serpentor: Dream-Tenure

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    This modernism-paranoia vignette (most likely my final one ---- I keep saying that!) was inspired by the propaganda-bazaar film Universal Soldier.

    I also drew inspiration from a comic book character named Serpentor.

    Can't we coordinate 'folk spook-stories' and modernism conspiracy theories with 'democracy-intellectualism'?



    America had become a breeding-ground for media-related cynicism. Urban protesters lined up in the streets to defy the pedestrian consumerism idealism behind 'TrumpUSA,' and social critics were wary of the global hypnotic addiction surrounding mass Facebook use and how businesses advertised on it quite liberally. A rogue member of ISIS decided to move to the USA and learn more about American 'imagination' by working ('undercover') at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California.

    The ISIS rogue was named Almad and he left ISIS to learn about globalization-related intrigue independently. He had training and education in genetics, so he began work as a research-assistant at the Salk Institue where he was studying federally-mandated scientific programs in genetics. Almad was convinced that there were undercurrents of Eugenics in modern-day America and in various science labs trying to link population dynamics with genetic manipulation.

    Alma discovered his suspicions were not unfounded, since his lab at Salk was given a special 'semi-secret' commission by the U.S. government to investigate the Soviet Union's study of genetically-engineered semi-ape soldiers and how American scientists could 'improve' on such 'ambitions.' Almad uncovered a file in his lab supervisor's office which described a new federal government program to design and 'train' special genetically-bred 'super-soldiers' from birth-to-death in controlled environments --- for war!

    The government had already begun experimenting with a special individual named Ethan Allen who was given the field-alias 'Serpentor.' Serpentor had the ability to move in and out of any situation, since he was specifically genetically-bred to adapt to any circumstance requiring unusual conditional flexibility (hence his nickname which referenced a slithering 'serpent'). Serpentor was being trained to infiltrate bases in Iran and Syria controlled by ISIS and remnants of the Taliban.

    As Almad realized Serpentor was a super-cunning genetics-abomination rendition of a U.S. Navy SEAL, he immediately sent information about these American scientific experiments at Salk back to his 'comrades' in the Middle East, ex-members of ISIS who were sympathetic to the cries of pro-republican anti-terrorism sentiments following 9/11. Almad wanted to use the press to expose this terrible new 'pedestrian conspiracy,' so he sent an anonymous note to the NY Post.

    "I am grieved to discover that the U.S. government is training a 'super-soldier' aliased 'Serpentor' to be a 'warchild' of new age globalization domination. Serpentor is to subvert any 'schemes' of negotiation by asserting his training at extraordinary adaptation to create fields of terror in the hearts of Syriana and Iranians in special Navy SEAL-oriented missions on behalf of the NATO-biased Trump Administration! I am worried now for my life and am considering the possibility that someone will ascertain my anti-Western identity and my revolutionary intentions and have me killed! Nevertheless, I remain a 'federalism idealist'!"



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