Sergeant getting Medal of Honor is a hero's hero

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    I am privileged beyond measure to however tenuously be associated with this man's pedigree.....Rangers lead the way.....:salute:

    RIP to the 1 trooper who gave his all....

    JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. – The soldiers who served with the Army sergeant set to receive the Medal of Honor next month because of his actions in Afghanistan say he's a hero's hero.

    After he had been shot in both legs, Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Arthur Petry didn't just lose his hand while throwing an enemy grenade away from himself and two fellow Army Rangers. As they continued to fight a small armed group, Petry kept calling out orders and helping his unit fulfill its mission and get the injured men the medical help they needed.

    "Everybody would like to think they'd do the same thing," said Sgt. 1st Class Jarod Christopher Staidle, one of Petry's fellow soldiers from the 75th Ranger Regiment who spoke to the media Thursday. But no one could possibly know what they would do unless faced with the same situation, he added.

    Petry made a conscious decision to go in and help his fellow Rangers who had been wounded, and to move them to a safer location near a chicken coop. If he hadn't done so, he wouldn't have been there to grab the grenade and toss it away, saving two men but injuring himself.

    One U.S. soldier was killed in that fight in the eastern Afghan province of Paktia in May 2008, as was the entire enemy unit.

    On July 12, Petry will be the second living, active-duty service member to receive the nation's highest military decoration for actions in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars. Last year, President Barack Obama awarded a Medal of Honor to Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta, also for actions in Afghanistan.

    "He did not consider the long-term repercussions," said Master Sgt. Reese Wayne Teakell, another highly decorated member of Petry's unit.

    He could have saved himself by moving his body instead of grabbing the grenade, but his fellow soldiers would likely have died or been severely injured if he made that choice, Teakell added.

    Petry probably knew the moment he reached for that grenade what danger he faced. "There is some voice in all of our heads that says I probably won't survive this," Teakell said.

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    Sergeant getting Medal of Honor is a hero's hero - Yahoo! News
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    "They Died in Vain


    "Many of those preaching at American church services Sunday extolled as 'heroes' the 30 American and 8 Afghan troops killed Saturday west of Kabul, when a helicopter on a night mission crashed, apparently after taking fire from Taliban forces.

    "This week, the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM) can be expected to beat a steady drumbeat of 'they shall not have died in vain.'

    "But they did. I know it is a hard truth, but they did die in vain..."

    They are also maimed in vain.
    For the greater good of defen$e contractor$ and investment banker$.
    RIP to wars for $.

    Ray McGovern: They Died in Vain (Deal With It)

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