Senior Secret Service Agent Questions Obama's Credentials To Be On State Ballots

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    His name is Peter Lemiska. He is a 28 year veteran with 8 years in the Air Force. He lays out chilling questions about Obama and questions the supporters of his who ignore the most blatant compelling evidence that shows the possibility of document fraud tied to Obama. One thing he presents is that yes, it is possible that Obama could have deceived the American people and slipped through the cracks of the electoral process. The questions he lays out makes you think. He brings up what could have happened in New Hampshire last Friday when the election board commission of the state was challenged to address their vetting procedures of having Obama on the state ballot. That meeting has caused problems this week for the election commission members because now there are questions by state lawmakers as to why they let Obama on the ballot without researching his questionable credentials while vetting other candidates and throwing them off the ballots after their research found them not eligible. The lawmakers have a point as to why that happened as do the voters and have appealed the commissions decision to place Obama on the ballot. It could get very interesting.

    Please read the article he wrote. The questions he raises are compelling.
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