Sen. Sessions On Obama, Reid: We Have No Leadership...

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    Top Democrats have abdicated their leadership role and are ignoring the nation’s budget problems because they’re focused on their 2012 election campaigns, Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions told The Daily Caller.

    We’re heading towards the most predictable crisis in our history,” said Sessions, the top Republican on the Senate’s budget committee, ”and we have no leadership.”

    The Democrats will instead use their control of the Senate to make the GOP look bad, Sessions predicted.

    “I doubt they’ll propose to raise the capital gains [rate] … but they’ll talk about it and complain about it, and try to make it look like Gov. [Mitt] Romney did something wrong” by paying his capital-gains taxes properly, he told TheDC.

    “They’ve made a calculation that they’ll lay the responsibilities on us to be the [budget] naysayers, the worriers and hand-wringers, and they’ll put on the bright robes of hope and progress,” Sessions warned.

    President Barack Obama didn’t address the impending budget disaster in his State of the Union speech, and he’s ignoring it in his re-election campaign, observed Sessions, whose status as part of the GOP minority prevents him from calling hearings or forcing votes.

    Since Obama was inaugurated, Congress has approved $4 trillion worth of economic stimulus via deficit spending. In those three years the accumulated deficit has exceeded $15 trillion, equal to the entire annual value of the U.S. economy.

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