Security for the Future President

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    Emperors, sultans, kings and princes, the first thing they do when taking the post is creating “private” forces, imperial guard, and princes’ armed forces. Their tasks were to defend and secure the governor and his closes – family, relatives and friends.
    Of course, President Karimov and his family are the most guarded persons in Uzbekistan. Hundreds of people from intelligence service guard the head of state’s peace day and night, escorting him everywhere – during his movement in streets, in public and in the course of his tours along the country and abroad. Other high officials also granted state security service, but they are out of the question.
    Here is another person in Uzbekistan, who is not supposed to have been guarded according to the post he holds; however, the quantity of his guards is nearly equal to the presidential guarding. The person is Rashid Kadirov, the Prosecutor General. About 50 officers from Security Department of the Ministry on Interior and staff of “G4”, private security firm, secure him. The Prosecutor General’s mansion, that situated in the elite part of Tashkent (Uzbek “Rublyovka”), turned into stronghold. The entrance of the building is bounded by police block. The local residents, which present the elite part of Uzbek society and live in Tashkent “Rublyovka”, say that any stranger, homeless person, people in national clothes or woman in hijab can not walk in a radius of 1 km from the residence.
    Besides that, tens of inspectors of the Department of Motor Vehicles and Traffic Control are on duty along all the way of Rashid Kadirov’s route while his movement in the streets. Meanwhile, streets are blocked for the movement of Prosecutor General’s cortege as well as for the President. People, who have luck to be caught up in traffic while Rashid Kadirov’s movement, have noted that he is escorted by 3 cars. According to the staff of private security firm, which provide security for the Prosecutor General, the managers of shops and other organizations that he pass through regularly, have to present a list of staff with personal details for checking up by database of National Security Service and Ministry of Interior.
    It is known that such kind of actions may be taken only for the protection of the President. According to the experts, currently, Rashid Kadirov’s influence and status have reached unprecedented level. As it was mentioned in Internet, he pushes forward people to the leading positions in the Republic; actually he is able to control a major sphere of economy, finance, industry, social sphere, criminal and enforcement agencies. Gradually, Rashid Kadirov has turned into a shadow government, that controls the country, and he needs protection.
    According to observers, who have recently activated their analytical researches about Karimov’s successor, there is a new player appeared in the political arena, which should be included to the list of the successors. Rashid Kadirov has occupied the place of Akbar Abdullaev, Karimovs’ relative, a person that recently was involved into the criminal case investigated by the Prosecutor General’s Office. It should be also added, that Rashid Kadirov enjoys Gulnara Karimova’s support, strengthened in the result of scandal around MTC, the Russian Cellular Company. Owing to the Prosecutor’s actions it was succeeded to “force” many-mullioned loss of Uzbek treasury by MTC. Additionally, he is originated from Fergana valley, as well as Tatyana Karimova, the Uzbek President’s wife. Moreover the experts’ notes can be proved by the recent statements of Timur Kerimov, the Prosecutor General’s son-in-law, which said to his staff in the European office of “Uzbekistan Havo Yullari” NAK (National Airline): “in a few years I will be a head of the airline and deal with large scaled matters”.
    It must be mentioned, that having started “foul plays” with big Russian business, Gulnara Karimova fully deprived herself of from Russian Federation’s support on assuming power after her father’s retirement, which also plays into the hands of the Prosecutor General.
    Concerning intensified personally guarding; it must be supposed that Rashid Kadirov prepares himself for new conditions and attributes, appropriated for heads of states.

    Abdumalik Nishanov

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