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    Satire Society Dictionary
    Welcome to the World Satire Society. I use words or terms you might say. I am sure those of you that read World thoughts see these, if you are not sure what a term means you can read this page I hope it clears some questions that you might have.

    Chronic Bitching Syndrome: Someone that always has to have a problem or a cause or they will never be happy.

    Rich Freaks: Anyone who has a lot of money and thinks they are better than everyone else. These people think that their crap doesn’t stink, and they think the world owes them something because of their money, “power”, and social status. Many have what is called righteous syndrome: it is a syndrome that causes people to think and believe they are the only ones destined for greatness and all others are destined for defeat.

    Wannabe Rich Freaks: Anyone that wants to be a dignified rich freak. These people have rich freak friends and think they are better than everyone, but they are just like everyone else. Many often go into debt to maintain their “pseudo” status. Their quest to be rich is so powerful, that they risk everything, and many end up in the poor house as chapter seven people.

    Six Figure love affair: This is a love affair based on money only. This can affect both men and women. These men and women only marry or date someone just because the person has a shit load of money. This is another term for a gold digger.

    Ass Blaster: A huge fart that feels like an explosion coming out of your ass. These farts usually stink up the whole room or car or wherever the fart is thrown. There might be a burning or itchy feeling after these farts have been expelled.

    Ass Burner: A fart so powerful that it burns right through pants or any other clothes item. It usually happens after eating something spicy.

    Sneak Around Sex: Sex that is done on sly without the knowledge of the persons partner. Men and women can have sneak around sex. In the series the Rich Freaks dad talks about it with his twenty-five year old nurse. Click here to read The Rich Freaks.

    Jerk Syndrome: It is a sickness that affects both men and women. However, men are more likely to have it. Men that have this disorder hurt or oppress their wives or girlfriends. They often play with their partners emotions, and make their partners life a living hell. Here are a few effects of Jerk Syndrome: Yelling for no reason at their partner, jealousy of small animals, jealousy, pulling the phone out of the wall, kicking things, hitting things, drinking and then crying, calling on the phone at weird hours of the night crying, Stalking, showing up at their partners work, or calling their partners work every hour, getting pissed off because their partner was talking to someone else, telling their partner what to do or what not to do, controlling their partners life. These are just a few Effects. You can also read asshole syndrome.

    Asshole Syndrome: It is a sickness that effects both men and women. However, men are more likely to have it. It is similar to Jerk Syndrome, and has similar effects as Jerk Syndrome. However, there is a violent tendency associated with asshole syndrome. The asshole which is what they are referred to as hit or physically abuse their wife or girlfriend. ‘Once an asshole always an asshole’.

    Rehab Clothes: Clothes that make the person look like they care about solving their addiction, but in reality they don’t give a shit. Once they get out of their rehab they go back to where they were before. Click here to see some Rehab Clothes.

    Barf Stick: A stick used by people that have an eating disorder, they are so obsessed with being thin or accepted by others that they use a barf stick to barf. A barf stick could also be called a gag stick. The stick could be gold, plastic, or wood.

    Pretty People: People that are so vain that they don’t think of others but themselves. These people are often seen on reality shows and other TV programs. These people could use barf sticks and have asshole syndrome/ jerk syndrome. (Pretty people is a term from the media, but I am giving you my meaning).

    Midlife Crisis sedan: A car that is bought by a person having a midlife crisis. The car is usually defined by the person as a “hot car” that makes them feel young again. It could be a sports car, muscle car, or SUV. It is any vehicle that makes the person feel that they can get a women or a men half their age. Actors have this problem as well as other people that think they are still twenty-seven and act like it.

    Chapter Seven People: People that so much want to be rich, but put themselves in the poor house doing it. They buy a lot of stuff, but the stuff is not paid for with cash, it is paid for with plastic. They have a lot of stuff to brag about, but not enough money to pay for it. Read the wannabe rich freaks in World Thoughts and find out more. Click here to read the story now.

    Authority Box: This is another word for Jail, prison, or any other place that might be used for keeping people confined.

    Shaved Pubes: You all know the definition for this one, but mine has a slight twist. It is anyone that shaves their pubes to be accepted. They shave their pubes because their husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend tells them to or they do it because everyone else does it. Also, because they won’t think people will find them sexy. But, in reality they are nothing but sheep.

    Wife Enhancements:This happens when a husband doesn’t like how his wife looks and wants to get his wife cosmetically changed. He could tell his wife to get bigger boobs, face lift, or a tummy tuck. He could tell her to get other procedures done as well. These men are often going through a midlife crisis. They usally want a younger woman, because they feel they are losing their youth.

    Ego Dogs: Dogs that boost their owners ego to new heights, and make them feel powerful. Ego dogs include: All Pit Bull Breeds, Rottweilers and Bull Terriers.

    There are more to come so check back soon.

    If you want a definition of any word or phrase in a blog post contact me @ . I will publish the definition on this page.

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