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    Those tracks run through Congress and the media.

    One cannot take Congress, or the media, seriously when it comes to budget battles. Their objective and methodology never varies in the slightest. Increase taxes while making it look like a raging battle finally ended with a compromise that was good for the American people.

    The crime in portraying the protagonists as somber generals doing their best to limit casualties is that the forces fighting to increase taxes never suffer any casualties while the opposing army gets slaughtered in every battle.

    On top of it all whenever those somber generals are off camera they laugh at the dying and the dead. I originally thought of congressional leaders as a bunch of used car salesmen having a big laugh when one of them relates how he talked a sucker into buying a clunker without an engine in it. Upon reflection I realized they are more like military officers whooping it up every time they send their troops out on a suicide mission. The military analogy is more appropriate because the suckers do not get a chance to say no.

    I hate talking about budget battles because everything about them is phoney. It would be a real battle if one side said “Increase taxes” and the other side said “No tax increases of any kind no way at no time.”

    In any event tax increase con jobs are nothing but minor skirmishes in a much larger war being fought between parasites and producers. This political cartoon brilliantly depicts the enemy commander’s battle strategy:

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