S.Korea's President Lee Myung-bak to visit the USA during UN participation

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    South Korea's President Lee Myung-bak is going on a 4-day trip to the US in order to participate in the UN General Assembly and IAEA.

    President Lee is going to be awarded "World Leader's Award" from Appeal of Conscience for contributing to world peace, democracy, and human rights, and give a speech afterwards. Since this year marks the 20th year since South Korea became a UN member, this speech will have much significance.

    The fact that President Lee is being recognized by one of the most prominent organizations of the US that prioritizes human rights and democracy shows that his efforts for democracy and human rights have been widely recognized, and that the world looks forward to President Lee and South Korea working diligently and responsibility in the international community from now on.

    We happily congratulate President Lee for his upcoming award, and we look forward to South Korea becoming a member of the international community with much responsibility.

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