Ryan On Domestic Priorities (1999 Ten Commandments Amendment(?))!

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    Many, especially among international leaders, would contend that Rep. Ryan was too young and inexperienced, even then: But that was just last week!

    The House of Representatives took up the reform of Juvenile Justice in 1999. So an Amendment was offered: Which nominee apparently, Rep. Ryan supported with a vote.
    H.AMDT.200 (A026)
    Amends: H.R.1501
    Sponsor: Rep Aderholt, Robert B. [AL-4] (offered 6/17/1999)
    Amendment allows States to decide whether or not to display the Ten Commandments on or within publicly owned property.

    An amendment no. 28 and printed in Part A of H.Rept. 106-186 to declare that the power to display the Ten Commandments on property own or administered by the States is among the powers reserved to the States.

    Ten Commandments bill (identified by CRS)

    People were wondering, just last weekend, whether or not the "Silly Times" were over in the Republicans quest for Executive Branch leadership.

    Herein it can be seen that the "Silly Times" are more or the standard Republican Fare, all year 'round. For one thing, The Law of Moses is mostly famous for the dealth penalty, in human history. Technically, Rep. Ryan is opposed to the Death Penalty, as a matter of faith. The Vatican is long on record in opposition.

    Jesus Christ was opposed to the Ten Commandments, most famously noting that the Law, (of Moses), was made for Man: Not Man for the Law (of Moses). Caiphas would declare Jesus Christ guility of blasphemy, a death penalty offense. The Romans cleverly left the "stoning" death penalty up to the people. Barrabas won. The Law of Moses was at work, even there, in that Land. The Romans used their own version, famously staged "Jesus Comments Unfavorably on the Law of Moses!" The Crucifix Art!

    Senator Joe Lieberman was a Vice Presidential nominee. Full-fledged support of the Law of Moses was likely to be regarded an incoming(?). . . .belief system.

    The Republicans are famously presenting a flip-flopping kind of season, discussing values. The Catholic Bishops don't even like Rep Ryan's economics. Likely his concept of religion is not too well liked, there, itself. Too much of Rep. Ryan is Catholic Immoral.

    As for the Presidential nominee apparent, and that faith: Then it seems to be going without saying all the time(?)! Probably there are those who will note that, "You've seen the one cult, then you've seen the other one, too!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many young braves enjoy Cult-Of-Many-Visions: Even When not on Lands of Many Nations! Federal Legislation Needed Now: From Great Half-Wit Father In Washington!)

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