Romney to release "details" of economic plan on Friday

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    Romney Hints at More Details of Economic Plan - Washington Wire - WSJ

    Mr. Romney said his speech in Detroit Friday will better illustrate his plans on taxes, spending, Medicare and Social Security.

    Fielding questions from voters, once something Mr. Romney did frequently, has become rarer in recent weeks.

    First Read - Romney teases release of new, detailed economic plan

    For Romney, who has long said he favors elements of Simpson-Bowles, a full embrace of the commission's recommendations would be complicated. Simpson-Bowles proposed a roughly three-to-one ratio of spending cuts to tax increases. Romney, along with every other GOP candidate, said they would reject even a ten-to-one cuts versus tax increases plan at a debate in August.


    Do we really need to see another Republican economic plan? They got us where we are today and their plan hasn't changed.

    Less taxes on millionaires and billionaires

    No taxes on corporations and perhaps more subsidies

    Defund the EPA because clean air and clean water is too expensive as opposed to the cost of a few birth defects.

    Get rid of OSHA. Let the markets regulate safety.

    Unless it's changed, under Romney's original plan, his 13.9% rate on his $57,000.00 a day would be cut in half.

    Republicans want no money wasted on unneeded infrastructure like roads, sewers, electrical grid, bridges, railroads and so on.

    Slash funding for anything that benefits education.

    Increase spending on the military to "keep us safe".

    And let's build a moon base.

    Oh, and don't forget "saving" Medicare and Social Security by ending them and still calling them Medicare and Social Security.

    Did I leave anything out. I think this is a very DETAILED write up of the Republican Plan. If something is incorrect, please let me know. I want to get it, er, "right".
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    Who cares about economic plans? The GOP voters are much too concerned about religion, abortionn, contraception, et al now...
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    Damn, two posts full of shit.

    Carbon credits, get your carbon credits

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