Oliver Stone's Son Converts to Islam in Iran

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    O'REILLY: "Personal Story" segment tonight, 27-year-old Sean Stone, son of controversial director Oliver Stone, converted to Islam in Iran on Valentine's Day. The younger Stone is also a filmmaker and was traveling through Iran to produce a movie about a Persian poet. He joins us now from New York City.Watch "The O'Reilly Factor" weeknights at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET!

    So Sean, we have no beef that you converted to Islam. We applaud all religious people of conscience. But your association with Iran is interesting, since that country is an enemy to America and many other countries in the world. Just heard a discussion with Colonel Peters about the Israelis maybe getting ready to attack Iran. What say you?

    SEAN STONE, FILMMAKER: Well, in the first place, I wouldn't say, you know -- the conversion is an interesting word because I don't believe you can convert from one god -- from the same god. From one god to the same god. So I've also believed in the same Judeo-Christian god. I think it's a misunderstanding of Islam to say that Allah is a different god. It's a different name for the same one. So I accepted Islam. And I think it's an important move.

    Also politically, you know, if you want to understand the history of this region because, you know, the Persians have been, you know, Muslim for going on, what 1,400 years. They have many Jews in Iran, and actually, I spoke with some when I was is Islam (ph), which is where I took the vow.

    And, you know, the Iranian people are very intelligent people. I had great discussions with politicians. I met with the president briefly. I had discussions with the advisor to the supreme leader. And every time I was -- you know, I had these conversations, I was very clear in saying, you know, let's stop with this "down with America" nonsense.

    Oliver Stone's Son Converts to Islam in Iran - Sean Stone - Fox Nation

    His father is Jewish.. Iran wants to remove Jews from the face of the earth. This makes perfect sense to me. Yes it does.

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